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The Temeraire

The year is 1816, on the crossing from Portland to Kingston, anything can happen. Henry and the crew of The Temeraire will embark on a trip they will never forget as they deal with their pasts on the high seas.

Comps: Knives Out/The Lighthouse
Genre: Horror/Thriller

Laurels and awards won by Joshua Belcher's The Temeraire

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About The Temeraire

What made me write The Temeraire?

I started writing to try writing a different style of script after an action movie. I love history, and I wanted to continue working within this genre. However, I wanted to create a character horror script instead of action and over-the-top set-pieces.

That's where the character, Henry O'Dunn, came from with his unique, morally grey background. Henry, coupled with the rest of the crew of The Temeraire, made for a unique study. This script is a character study into a crew of strangers that had to be together for weeks at a time.

My inspirations when writing The Temeraire?

The Temeraire is inspired by films such as The Lighthouse (2019) and Knives Out (2019). These films, like The Temeraire, are focused on unique characters with most of the film taking place in and around one location. For The Temeraire, I coupled a character-driven narrative with psychological imagery-based horror appropriate to the period my story is set. These elements came together to craft The Temeraire.

My favourite scene in The Temeraire?

My favourite scene in The Temeraire is a scene without any dialogue where Henry gets his first taste of what horrors await him on the ship. It is a tension-filled scene that was incredibly fun to write.