The Temeraire Script by Joshua Belcher

Joshua Belcher Wins 'Best Screenwriter' at CKF International Film Festival with 'The Temeraire'

Filmmaker, director, screenwriter, and cinematographer with an eye for the cinematic - Joshua has always gained attention, driving visually striking projects.

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Laurels and awards won by Joshua Belcher's The Temeraire
Joshua Belcher holding a professional cinematography camera

Joshua Belcher is a passionate new filmmaker building his creative portfolio.

Joshua is dedicated and invested in creative filmmaking and hopes to take it further and work towards his dream job as a professional creative on the story front of larger projects.

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The Temeraire Alignment and A Fractured Kingdom screenplay covers

Projects Past & Present

Working as a cinematographer and director across various short films Joshua's creative flare has directed imaginative image-driven screenplays, shotlists and storyboards.

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