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Original Screenplays

The Temeraire script poster

The Temeraire

The year is 1816, on the crossing from Portland to Kingston, anything can happen. Henry and the crew of The Temeraire will embark on a trip they will never forget as they deal with their pasts on the high seas.

The Temeraire


A mind-bending movie set in the closing months of World War 2. Follow Nick and his ex-wife Rebecca on a time heist to save what matters most... before it's too late.

Joshua Belcher's Alignment poster
A Fractured Kingdom original sceenplay

A Fractured Kingdom

Twelve years post-apocalypse, estranged father Hector must fight to save his family from a mutated disease and a divided world - no matter the cost.

A Fractured Kingdom

Original Short Scripts


A wife looks inwards to deal with her husband's betrayal in this new take on the grief story. 

Genre: Drama


In a dystopian England, where going outside is made illegal. A single woman finds an unwelcome stranger in her garden, changing her life forever.

Genre: Drama

Sense of Me

When a deaf woman loses an opportunity to follow her dreams, she finds a blind man who teaches her how to see.

Genre: Romance

An Eye for an Eye

June 1944, in Nazi-controlled France. French Resistance member Gisele must fight for her life in a game of cat and mouse with a German Sniper.

Genre: War

Old Nick

An English adaptation of Polish folklore, Pan Twardowski. Eric, a man down on his luck, makes a deal with a strange man which costs him everything.

Genre: Fantasy

The Turing Test

A fan adaptation of the 2016 video game by Bulkhead Interactive. When a ship crashes on Neptune, an astronaut must adventure through an abandoned research station to find survivors.

Genre: Science Fiction

Hours Pass

A depressed man leaves his life behind in a life-or-death car journey across England. 

Genre: Drama

The Hay Barn

A Jewish couple escapes a concentration camp finding themselves in a hay barn. 

Genre: War


A time-travelling spirit hunts a woman through time. 

Genre: Horror


A woman wakes up in a test chamber and must complete tasks to gain her freedom. 

Genre: Science Fiction

Short Films


Emmy and her beloved brother must flee tyranny or hand over their lives.

Role: Director of Photography


Hospital-based drama questioning what it means to be alive after death.

Role: Camera Operator

She is Ormstons

The Ormstons tell the story of women in the contemporary music scene.

Role: Director of Photography

The Loveguns

The Loveguns performing live in London's Zigfrid Von Underbelly.

Role: Producer/Director

The Soiree

An awkward, time-slowing dinner party where secrets are revealed.

Role: Director of Photography


A film about a man who lives in a world where emotions are outlawed.

Role: First Assistant Director


Short documentary following an animation student discussing legality of capital punishment in Singapore.

Role: Producer