A Fractured Kingdom original sceenplay

A Fractured Kingdom

Twelve years post-apocalypse, estranged father Hector must fight to save his family from a mutated disease and a divided world - no matter the cost.

Comps: The Walking Dead/Fallout
Genre: Post-Apocalyptic Horror

Script Extract

A Fractured Kingdom script preview

About A Fractured Kingdom

What made me write A Fractured Kingdom?

A Fractured Kingdom was an idea that came to me a few years ago as a book series. I had the idea for a trilogy which was a continent-spanning series set within current day Europe. However, while developing the story I became more interested in creating a world with maps, realistic places and rich lore. I decided to change A Fractured Kingdom from a book series to a television show, making sure to have the full show planned out before I started to write it.

I was interested in expanding my range of writing styles after focusing on feature films. I enjoyed trying a serialised approach to writing which included preparing a pilot for the show as well as concept art. I have an avid interest in abandoned places which inspired me to draw inspiration from them and base the story within a post-apocalyptic landscape.

My inspirations when writing A Fractured Kingdom?

A Fractured Kingdom is inspired by works including Fallout (1997 to present) and The Walking Dead (2010 to present). These franchises, like A Fractured Kingdom, focus on immersing the audience into a rich apocalyptic world. This fits perfectly within the creation of New Fallmouth, which was designed to create a deep and immersive country that the audience learns about over multiple series through the eyes of Hector Morgan and his children.

My favourite scene in A Fractured Kingdom?

My favourite scene within the pilot of A Fractured Kingdom is earlier in the script where Hector and his crew visit the town from his past. It's a pivotal scene that allows Hector to see how the world has changed in the twelve years since the world ended as they know it. It was incredibly interesting to imagine how someone would react to seeing their old home after years of abandonment.